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Email Before Christmas


Hi  .

Santa here. Rudolf has just told me that we have received an eMail from saying that you have been a good , and they have asked me to call on you on Christmas eve.

I have told them that I would be happy too, as I've been keeping an eye on you, and I think you have been good as well. 

So I've told Rudolph to book , , in to our Christmas eve flight path, so I can call on you. But remember I only call when you are asleep. So please go to bed early as I might not have time to come back if you are awake when I call.

The Elves and Mrs Santa are busy preparing the toys and sleigh for me, and the reindeer are eating me out of house and home, storing that extra energy they need to help them fly. So that everything will go smoothly.

After all with so many good children in the world, like you and , we don't want anything to go wrong, Do We?

Be good
, and I will see you on Christmas eve.


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Emails after Christmas


Well Christmas is over for this year, and daft as it may seem. I must now start preparing for next Christmas. 

When I called with you on Christmas eve, I was very surprised to see how much had changed since last year. I almost flew in to a new tree house someone had put up and not told me about it. But luckily Rudolph's nose lit up the sky so much, we saw it just in time, and managed to miss it.

I hate to think what would have happened if we had hit it. All those children would have had their Christmas spoilt, as I wouldn't be able to have delivered their presents. So Please if you ever put up a tree house. Remember to let me know.

I also called with . did tell you? I was just going in to their bedroom, to leave their present when all of a sudden they sat up in bed. Now I'm not sure if they were awake or asleep. But I had to make a hasty retreat in case they saw me. So I decided to leave their present by the tree.

Oh by the way. Thank you very much for leaving me those eats and drink. Mrs. Santa always goes on to me about not eating so much, but I just cannot refuse all those goodies people leave me. Chocolates, Cakes and Pies. But I do have to keep an eye on my waistline. I can't put on too much or the reindeer won't be able to bring me next year.

As usual it was very late when I got home. Normally everyone is in bed. But this year I was very surprised. Everyone was awake and in party mood. I hadn't noticed the time, because of all the fun I was having, thinking of you opening your present from me. 

I had broken the delivery record. I finished the Christmas eve deliveries in 23 hours 46 minutes and 23.75 seconds. Beating the previous record set by my father 176 years ago. by a whole 15.3 seconds. 

Mrs. Santa and the Elves were so excited they even telephoned my dad to tell him that I might beat his record, and I was so proud when he was the first one to tell me and to congratulate me for beating his record. Well as you can imagine the party went on all night. 

Rudolph, Donner, Blitzen, Dancer and Prancer were so happy they wanted to do a lap of honor. But I put a stop to that as I had already be awake for 24 hours and needed some sleep.

Talking of sleep, I need some now, But I just had to get this email to you before I went to bed.

If at any time you would like to leave me a message. Please go to 

Be good , and I'll see you next year.

Your Dearest Friend

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